Meet the Instructor

. Alisa Simmons, RN Director 

Nurse Aide Certification State Approval Program 

Nursing since 1997, 23 years experience. long term care,  Intensive Care Unit, and Operating Room Nurse.

Program Director & Instructor of Midwest Healthcare Careers Training & Development since 2020, Michigan City, Indiana.

In the Midwest HCTD Nursing Assistant training program, students will be instructed on clinical skills relevant to their scope of practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Program instructors with experience in the field provide training and instruction to students on many necessary skills including but not limited to: residents' rights, recognizing abuse and explaining how to deal with abuse and neglect, demonstrating good body mechanics and lifting techniques, describing sterilizing and disinfecting which will include hygiene care of the resident, bed making, feeding, foot and nail care, oral hygiene, hair care, the measuring of intake and output, proper application of bandages, dressings, vital signs, measuring temperatures.

Nursing Assistant students will also be instructed on a variety of other support skills, including: explaining the five stages of grief, discussing reactions to death and dying, describing care for someone who is dying, identifying signs of approaching death and describing postmortem care, defining home care, explaining the role and responsibility of the home health aide, discussing the role of the healthcare team, home maintenance, and safety issues, describing special concerns for home care and family care.

To become a CNA in Indiana, an individual must complete state-approved CNA training program. State-approved CNA training programs consist of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 75 hours of clinical training. After completing the training program, an individual must pass both the written and skills portions of the CNA competency exam in order to begin working as a CNA.